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Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Receiver Board

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Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Receiver Board

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Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Receiver Board continues the excellent basic functions of M28 (long distance transmission, Bluetooth 5.0 backward compatible, lossless sound quality, etc) and adds more user friendly performance as follows:

  1. Use While Charging

    This product has a circuit of charging and discharging which can directly charge the battery through the USB power supply, and Bluetooth can continue to work normally during the charging process.

    When powered by USB alone: The red light flashes, indicating that the power supply is normal.

    When powered by a separate battery: The yellow light is always on, indicating that the battery power supply is normal; the yellow light flashes, indicating that the battery is low.

    When the USB and battery are connected at the same time: The red light flashes to indicate that the battery is charging; the red light always on indicates that the battery is fully charged.

    (Note: if the USB input is suddenly disconnected during the charging and discharging process, there will be a few seconds of interruption due to the charge and discharge mode switching at this time, after which Bluetooth will automatically restart, automatically connect and maintain the previous playback state)

  2. Incoming voice call function

    Turn on the call audio mode in the Bluetooth settings. If the phone calls, you can answer or hang up the phone through the PLAY/STOP button. You can choose to send from the microphone of the headset (provided 4-segment type headset) or from the onboard microphone (default).

  3. PC sound card function

    Tin the pads in the two boxes corresponding to the Sound Card on the back of the module, and then connect it to the USB interface of the computer through the USB cable, which can be used as a sound card. That is, the sound played by the computer is output through the audio interface of the module. (See function description for details. Not enabled by default.)


  • ON/OFF: Bluetooth power on/off
    Note that battery charging is not controlled by this switch
    ON: Bluetooth starts to work and the blue light is on
    OFF: Bluetooth stops working

  • BACK/V-: Previous/Decrease volume
    Short Press: Previous song
    Long Press: Decrease volume

  • NEXT/V+: Next/Increase volume
    Short Press: Next song
    Long Press: Increase volume. Note that there will be a beep sound when the volume is adjusted to the loudest.

  • PLAY/STOP: Play/Pause, Answer/Hang Up
    During Bluetooth music playback, short press to control music playback or pause. When the phone rings, short press to answer the phone and short press again to hang up.

  • Micro USB Power: Power supply 5V. Module can also be powered through the back pad 5V and GND wire.

  • B+ B-: Lithium Battery. Battery can be charged through USB power supply. Bluetooth can continue to work normally during charging. DO NOT REVERSE CONNECTION.

  • Headphone Jack: 3.5mm audio output/call sending
  • Microphone: Call delivery
  • Microphone Earphone: Call mode selection
    Soldered on microphone is the factory default. To enable the microphone on the earphone, short the pads in the earphone box on the back of the module. Only 1 pad setting can be shorted at any time.

  • Mute: Mute control. Active HIGH or LOW can be selected through the resistor next to the MUTE interface. When active HIGH, output is high when there is sound and when active LOW, output is low when there is sound.

  • Sound Card: Computer sound card function. Not used by default. Short the pads on the back of the module to enable.

  • Indicator Light: Charging status indicator (red), battery level indicator (yellow), Bluetooth indicator (blue).
    Red light flash indicates that the power supply is normal. Yellow light on indicates battery power is normal. Yellow light flash indicates battery is low. If both power and battery are connected, red light flash indicates battery charging and red light on indicates battery full. Blue light on indicates connected. Blue light quick flash indicates waiting for connection. Blue light slow flash indicates playing song.


  • Operating Voltage: 3.7-5V
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 90dB
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: -70dB
  • Crosstalk: -86dB
  • Supported Configuration Files: HFP / A2DP / AVRCP / AVCTPV / AVDTPV
  • Transmission Distance: 15m
  • Decoding Format: WAV / APE / FLAC / MP3


  • 1x Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Receiver Board
  • 1x Casing