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Learn Physical Computing Basics with ESP32 for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth IoT Applications

The ESP32 is an integrated solution designed for reliable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth IoT applications in industrial environments. With advanced calibration circuitries, the ESP32 can dynamically eliminate external circuit imperfections and adjust to changes in external conditions. Join our workshop to learn the basics of physical computing using the ESP32, and discover how to create interactive systems that can sense and respond to the world around us.

Physical computing is a crucial skill for many jobs of the future, enabling us to communicate through computers and create everything from smartphones and cars to gaming consoles and home automation systems. At our workshop, you'll gain hands-on experience in electronics, coding, and mechanical engineering while building your own custom project. With no limits to your imagination, you'll learn the foundations of physical computing and take your first steps towards an exciting career in this field.

Course Outline

ESP32 & IoT with DHT11 Temperature Humidity Sensor

  • ESP32 introduction and hardware connections
  • Understand C# programming language for IoT projects
  • Learn how to communicate and retrieve data with sensors
  • MQTT protocol implementation

ThingSpeak Cloud Dashboard

  • Setup ThingSpeak cloud dashboard
  • Build basic widgets using ThingSpeak
  • Learn how to use variables in ThingSpeak
  • Connecting to ThingSpeak using MQTT

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