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Edge Devices with Node-RED and Grafana Cloud Dashboard

Are you looking for an easy and efficient way to wire together flows using a variety of nodes? Look no further than Node-RED's browser-based flow editor, which can help you deploy flows to the runtime with a single click. With a built-in library and rich text editor, you can create useful functions, templates or flows for re-use.

Visualize and analyze your data stored anywhere with Grafana, which helps you create flexible and beautiful dashboards. You can easily query, alert, and understand your data to gain valuable insights.

If you're interested in physical computing and its applications, this workshop is for you. From electronics and coding to mechanical engineering and robotics, physical computing is an essential skill for many jobs in the future. Our hands-on learning experience will teach you the fundamentals of physical computing and provide you with a custom-built project to continue tinkering on at home. Don't miss out on this opportunity to expand your skills and knowledge.

Course Outline

Raspberry Pi & IoT using Node-RED

  • Getting started with Node-RED
  • Running Node-RED locally on your Raspberry Pi
  • Node-RED Nodes (Core Nodes, JSON and Dashboard..)
  • Raspberry Pi interfacing with Hardware using Node-RED
  • Raspberry Pi Interfacing with Sensors – DHT11/DHT22
  • IOT with Node-RED
  • MQTT using Node-RED

Grafana Cloud Dashboard

  • Install and Setup on Raspberry Pi
  • Setup a Prometheus DataSource
  • Building DashBoards
  • Visualizing DashBoards
  • Variables
  • Alerts – Create a Notification Channel
  • Syncing up with a JSON Data Source

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