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ESP32-CAM Camera OV2640 2MP OV5640 5MP

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ESP32-CAM Camera OV2640 2MP OV5640...

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OV2640 2MP


The OV2640 is a 1/4-inch CMOS UXGA (1632*1232) image sensor.
The OV5640 is a 1/4-inch CMOS QSXGA (2592*1944) image sensor.

The sensor's small size and low operating voltage provide all the features of a single UXGA camera and image processor.

Through the SCCB bus control, it can output 8/10-bit image data of various resolutions such as full frame, sub-sampling, zooming and windowing. The UXGA / QSXGA image of this product can reach up to 15 frames per second (up to 30 frames for SVGA and 60 frames for CIF). Users have complete control over image quality, data format and transmission.

All image processing functions including gamma curve, white balance, contrast, chroma, etc. can be programmed via the SCCB interface. Image Sensors use unique sensor technology to improve image quality and reduce sharp and stable color images by reducing or eliminating optical or electronic defects such as fixed pattern noise, smearing, and floating.


  • Array Size: 1600x1200 UXGA OV2640, 2560x2048 QSXGA OV5640
  • Power Supply: Core 1.3V DC ± 5%, Analog 2.5~3.0V DC, I/O: 1.7V to 3.3V
  • Power Consumption: YUV mode full res & framerate: 125mW, Compressed mode full Res & framerate: 140mW, Standby:600μA
  • Image Sensor Format: Type 1/4″
  • Maximum Image Transfer Rate:
    • OV2640: 1600×1200@15fps, SVGA@30fps, CIF@60fps
    • OV5640: 2560x2048@15fps, 1080P@30fps, 1280x960@60fps, VGA(640x480)@90fps, QVGA(320*240@120fps
  • Sensitivity: 0.6V/Lux-sec
  • S/N Ratio: 40dB
  • Dynamic Range: 50dB
  • Pixel Size: 2.2 x 2.2 μm
  • Dark Current: 15mV/s at 60°C
  • Well Capacity: 1.2Ke
  • Fixed Patter Noise: <1% of VPEAK-TO-PEAK
  • Image Area: 3590 x 2684 μm
  • Package Dimensions: 5725 x 6285 μm
  • Resolution: QSXGA UXGA SVGA and below
  • Output Format: YUV/RGB/Raw RGB Data
  • Shutter Type: Rolling Shutter
  • Color Filter Array: RGB Bayer Array
    ISP Functions: AE, AWB, Sharpness, Noise Reduction, Defect Reduction, Gamma, Color Saturation, Special Effects


  • 1x ESP32-CAM Camera OV2640 2MP OV5640 5MP