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L16-R Miniature Linear Servos for RC & Arduino 50mm 35:1 6 volts

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L16-R Miniature Linear Servos for...

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The L16-R Micro Linear Servo is a compact and versatile actuator designed for use in RC (Remote Control) and Arduino applications. It offers precise linear motion control. The servo operates efficiently at a voltage of 6 volts, making it compatible with a wide range of power sources commonly used in RC and Arduino projects.

The L16-R servo features a small form factor, measuring only a few centimeters in length, which makes it suitable for applications where space is limited. Despite its compact size, it delivers robust performance and can generate a significant amount of force. This servo is capable of exerting linear force up to its rated maximum load, making it suitable for various tasks such as actuating small robotic mechanisms or controlling precise movements in RC vehicles.

One of the key advantages of the L16-R servo is its high degree of accuracy and repeatability. It incorporates a high-resolution position feedback system that enables precise positioning control. This level of control is essential for applications that require fine-grained movements or precise adjustments.

The servo is driven by a brush DC motor and features a gear set with reduction ratio. This gearing arrangement provides increased torque output while maintaining a compact form factor. The servo is equipped with built-in end limit switches that prevent it from operating beyond its specified range, ensuring safe and reliable operation.

For interfacing with RC and Arduino systems, the L16-R servo offers compatibility with standard control signals. It can be controlled using the Arduino servo library, which allows for easy integration with existing control systems.

L16 Datasheet: Click here


  • Gearing Ratio: 35:1
  • Peak Power Point: 50N @ 16mm/s
  • Peak Efficiency Point: 24N @ 24mm/s
  • Max Speed (no load): 32mm/s
  • Max Force (lifted): 50N
  • Back Drive Force: 31N
  • Stroke: 50mm
  • Mass: 56g
  • Repeatability (-P & LAC): ±0.3mm
  • Max Side Load (extended): 40N
  • Closed Length (hole to hole): 118mm
  • Feedback Potentiometer: 6kΩ±50%
  • Feedback Linearity: Less than 2.00%
  • Voltage Input: 6VDC
  • Max Input Voltage: 7.5V
  • Stall Current: 460mA
  • Operating Temperature: -10°C to +50°C
  • Audible Noise: 60dB @ 45cm
  • Ingress Protection: IP-54
  • Mechanical Backlash: 0.25mm
  • Limit Switches: Max Current Leakage 8uA
  • Maximum Static Force: 250N
  • Maximum Duty Cycle: 20%


  • 1x L16-R Miniature Linear Servos for RC & Arduino 50mm 35:1 6 volts